Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I said BRR, it's cold in here

It's been really chilly these days. I mean, yeah it's the Christmas season and all but it's really FREAKIN' COLD! Seriously. I think I could end up wearing socks at night. Don't you feel cold at all? During day time, I do wear shorts but I don't think my legs would be able to hold up if I don't change into something longer once the moon has showed up. BRR. It's just so cold that I could almost see snow falling from the sky. I know this is nothing compared to what winter has to offer but, cmon! we're so not used to this. Rarr! Well, okay. I know it's better than our sizzling hot summers but still, it's really freezing. What's happening to the world? Have we all been that bad that we are being frozen to death (I'm being exagg, I know)? *Sigh*

It's the second night of Simbang Gabi and I went with only my mom. We were waiting for my dad to pick us up somewhere a bit nearer to our house. I wanted to go elsewhere to see my friend but to my disappointment, she didn't let me saying that my dad would be there any minute and we can't afford to make him wait (He's just not the most patient person in the world). I told her that I wouldn't take long and that my dad would prolly arrive later as always. Huh, that still didn't convince her, but guess what? I was right. Turns out, my dad fell asleep so she decided that we start walking. It was damn freezing cold! I didn't bring my jacket, to make matters worse. Gahh! So coooold. What's happening to the world?!

Uh. Sigh. Hug, anyone?

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t a r a said...

*Hug*. I miss you Lauren. :) Oh btw this is Tara. :)