Monday, January 5, 2009

The Baby Is Now a Bigger Baby

-yes this is me...most of the time :))-

Bye bye 2008,
hello 2009! Yes, finally another year has started. Whew! Wonder what this year brings. Hmm. I know we've only just begun (la la la..okay, not the song. point is...) but I want to fast forward to this year's end.

By the end of 2009, I'd be a year older. DUH. But really, this year, is prolly a turning point for me. December 19 is the day I'd finally be 18. Not that I've been waiting for it or anything. I really don't know why people make such a fuss about being EIGHTEEN. I mean, yes sure you'd have more privileges but oh cmon, d'you really want to age? Hm. So it's about getting in the movies with warnings that says R-18, huh? Hah! Guilty!

..but anyhoo, as I was saying...I guess, being 18 and being legal in so many ways give you the sense of freedom. This is the time to say good bye to curfews and most of mommy and daddy's do's and don'ts. Wuhoo! Right? Ain't that fun? You don't expect them to keep on reminding you at the point that you have to brush your teeth after every meals, that you have to take a bath, etc etc. This is the time when you're grown enough to take care of yourself and be the one mostly responsible for every action you do.

So I guess, this year, what I'm really aiming for is to get an ostentatious car and a ultramegaHOTT & rich boyfriend that'd provide me with what I deserve to have as an independent woman. Mind you, I'm calling myself a woman and not just a lady anymore. Ha!

...Kidding! I'm not a spoiled b****. ;)

What I'm really trying to say is that, I want to be more independent this year(Hear that? Hah! I do! I do!). Really. Most 17 year olds know how to cross the street. Most teens my age knows how to cook, wash, iron and all those other things I'm not capable of (at the moment, okay? gimme a chance!). So, I have to start learning all those things.

I just wish, hope and pray that I'd survive. :]

oh btw, if you have time..yes YOU! Add me :D * mind you, these are all active accounts and I check them almost everyday.

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