Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's just that highschool never ends

As I look back on what happened before, eveything seems a blurr. Well, yea. seriously. It seems like everything has just started. We were in our classroom, getting to know each other. Aww. It all started with the BENEKATORSE. A class of fourteen students who hardly got along. Seriously. Let's admit it. Our class always fought, right? It was almost every month that we had to have an open forum just to solve our probs. Whatelse? Oh! And our ever presentable presentations. gawd. "oh bacteria go away, go away you blow my mind..i'm healthy..yea yea..i'm healthy..uhuh-uhuh" haha. Anyways, we hated school back then. I mean, literally HATE. We actually despised it. haha! Then, Lioba... what happened then? Our lives were quiet that time...i think. Though, they never ran out of issues to accuse us. We were always given "the talk." Oh well. Aren't we oh-so used to that yet?

Then, here comes the bestest year for us. *cheers* Juniors! Ehrentrudis :] aww. we had a great year and a very memorable reco. I believe that this year was a blast for most if not all since we became one. dibaa? Also, this year was the highlight (somehow) of our HS life. We had so much fun, we did what we wanted and luckily got a way with it. Haha! Anyways, another is of course, our much awaited QuinceƱera. Yey!We never expected it to be that much fun. It was suuppeerr! love it

Lastly, now here we are standing hand in hand in search for our destiny. Finally, we are in our fourth and final year in St. Scho. In a few weeks, we'll be marching down the aisle, receiving our diplomas and bowing down in front of our proud parents and teachers. The end has finally come. Humbeline '08 is finally leaving the Scholastican premises and will soon be entering new different places for new journeys that await.

"Now here we are, I'm suddenly standing, at the beginning with you..."

Eversince I started studying in Scho, my goal has always been to graduate. Simply because I wanted to leave that school. Seriously and honestly speaking. I hated going to school especially when I was in 1st year. All I did was complain and whine, whine, whine. Everything just changed when I became a Junior. I enjoyed my stay well, mainly because of my ever beloved classmates. Ooh! I love you guys. Suuppeerr!!

It's just now that I've realized I too will miss St. Scho. I will miss my schoolmates, the manongs and kuyas, the ates, sila kuya guard, the sisters (Sister Reggie!), the staff and the faculty of course. I will miss...

* bugging the teachers in the faculty room
* making kulit the ates in the canteen
* saying 'hi' to the manongs and kuyas whenever I see them
* making kwento with Kuya guard
* asking Sir Owen to take our picture
* working in the principal's office during the preparation of the party for Nightmare before Christmas (Ooh! Reese's!)
* borrowing speakers from Ms. Belle
* weighing my self and checking my height in the clinic
* practicing the mass songs with Ms. Donna
* singing the Lupang hinirang with the glee club
* having theater productions during arts' month with sir shaun
* going to Inchican (woohoo!)
* going to manila riding the St. Scho bus
* our retreats in tagaytay
* the cellphone inspections
* making new friends
* bonding with the little kids in the GS
* spending time with my glee mates when there's no club (aww..)
* having fun with the lower levels (yhee! Margaret=twin) :]
* a whole lot more.XD

What I will miss even more...


I will surely MISS YOU GUYS!!

Love you! <3<3<3

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